NC Vision - Introduction

Hi All


After months of planning and bouncing ideas, NC Vision has become a reality - gulp !!!

So who are we and what do we do ???

Basically, we are a team of like minded 'creatives' - each of us with our own individual businesses and that will continue.

But for certain jobs, it's the old adage that the 'whole is greater than the sum of parts' ........

Specialising in Hotels and Interiors (including interior products), we offer a menu of services ranging from photography, styling, art direction, locations and props through to journalism and public relations.

Between us, we have a somewhat scary tally of years in this field !!! If you check out our portfolio galleries and also the 'before's and afters section'  - hopefully you will see that those many years haven't been wasted !!!

Over the coming months, via blogging and Instagram, we will keep you posted about our work - and hopefully you will begin to see a little of what makes us tick.

When we first mooted the idea of forming what is in effect, a mini Agency - the overriding sentiment was that we are all passionate about what we do and that we all get on so well as friends and colleagues


Exciting times ahead !!!

All for now



Creative Director

NC Vision



Marie McMillen