Hotels, Interiors and Products

If you look at our 'Befores and Afters' and read our Testimonials, you will see that we bring way more to the table than simply turning up and hoping for the best !!! As we often say - "great shots don't just happen".

Some shots inevitably need more work on our part than others and for that reason, it is impossible for us to offer a "one size fits all" standard charge.

Once we understand your requirements, we produce a tailor made quotation.

If however you would like even a preliminary ball park figure, by all means, contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

In the case of hotels, as a first step, we would usually ask the (potential) client to take a few very quick recce shots of the areas they would like shot. This enables us to provide a ball park estimate. If that figure is within budget, the next step would be a face to face meeting on location followed by a series of recommendations and suggested shot list.

To deliver the calibre of work we produce, it is worth noting that in the case of hotels, we average no more than 5 core images per day plus details. There will always be at least three of us at any hotel shoot and usually four.

Product work and other Interior work varies considerably - both in terms of the size of the team and the number of shots per day.

Magazine Features - Home Owners

As the magazines cover our fees, there is no charge to home owners.