Home shoots, Interiors, Editorial Work

Our work in this area falls into two broad categories :-

  • Editorial features for leading Interior publications.
  • Commerical commissions for Interior Designers, Kitchen Companies etc. We also offer a high end photography service for holiday rentals and real estate.

Editorial Features 

Between us, we have more years combined experience in this field than any of us care to remember !!! Our work has appeared in virtually all of the top selling UK and Irish publications - we have long since stopped counting but the number would run to hundreds of features.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do People like to get their homes featured?

There are lots of reasons. Sometimes it's an opportunity to showcase the work of an Architect, Kitchen Designer or whatever.  Or - it might just be that they want a lovely record of their hard work.

What is involved?

A typical home shoot takes a full day. The homeowner doesn't need to do a thing, other than be there for a person shot which is something most of the National publications request. Mandi does the interview by email and clears the write up with the owner before submitting it to the magazine.

What Style of home?

Basically - all styles! The various publications cater for different demographics. Editors however tend to look for a sense of individuality and flair - rather than show home perfection.

Commercial Commissions

Our work in this area is usually for advertising purposes, portfolio and web use - if you have any questions we would be happy to chat.

Below is a broad cross section of some of our work.